Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Miranda's Craft Emporium

My name is Miranda and I have a crafting problem - make that a craft hording problem.

Holy. Cow. Did you guys realize how much craft stuff I had which either was never opened or I completely forgot I had?!

However, I am glad to report I am on the road to recovery having purged an astonishing amount of crafting goodies. Even the husband was surprised by how much I'm getting rid of.

I can only guess at the amount of money I've spent hording collecting this stuff over the past few years. However, my purging is about to be a gold mine for some of you out there!

The plan. I'm giving my blog followers first dibs at the goods! If you are interested in any of the items, please send an email to and I will pull it aside for you. Remember though, it will be first come, first serve. I will create an invoice via PayPal for you to purchase the items. As for shipping, if you are local (and preferably if I know you), I'll be more than happy to meet you somewhere with the items. If not, I can mail it to you for whatever the shipping will cost me. You can also buy the categories below as a lot. The wholesale price is listed also.

I will stop accepting orders from the blog on Friday, March 29. 

Once an item is spoken and paid for, I will mark it off the list on this blog. Whatever is left will be listed as wholesale on Ebay. Yay!

Hopefully, I'll be able to get enough pocket change from my craft emporium to get some goodies for my future office I talked about a couple weeks ago here.

Let the games begin! And, just to throw a little Hunger Games in there: May the odds be ever in your favor.

MU - Mostly Used (50% left)
SU - Slightly Used (75% left)
NU - Never Used (100% left)
Note: I tried to find pictures for most of the products for you. If you'd like a picture of certain items, just shoot me an email!

Embellishments (BUY IT ALL FOR $10)
New House Foam Baby Blue (.25) SU
EK Success Fastenater Decorative Staple Bars ($1.00) NU
4-pack of alphabet punchouts (.50) SU
Decorative floral punchout (.25) NU
Green/Pink punchout (.10) SU
Robots Unplugged Overlay (.25) SU
Flawless Flower Overlay (.25) SU
(2x) Bling It On Rub on and Rhinestones (.75 each) NU
Stitches Rub Ons (.75) SU
Basic Grey Study Reference Rub ons (.10) MU
American Craft Layered Flower Embellishment ($1) SU
(2) Assorted tags (.50) NU
Paper Place Assorted Tags ($1) NU
Cream tags (.50) SU
Chipbaord Accents (.25) NU
Felt Trimming (.50) NU
Chipboard Embellishments Yellow and Red (.50) NU
Pearl Self-Adhesive Embellishment (.10) SU
Elegance Die Cuts ($1) SU
2x We R Memory Keepers Designer Eyelets ($1.50 each) NU
Maya Road Borders Chipboard Sheet ($1) NU
Butterfly Chipboard (.10) MU
Black and White Chipboard Letters (.50) SU
Metal Frames and Tags (.25) NU
Scrapabilities Designer Brads (.25) NU
Filigree Accents Self Adhesive ($1) NU
American Crafts Holiday House Christmas Chipboard (.50) SU
Making Memories Chipboard Tags (.25) NU
2x Recollections Adhesive Glitter Balloons (.25) NU
Blue Chipboard Alphabet (.25) SU
Metal tag embellishments (.25) SU
2x Metal tag embellishments (.50 each) NU
Designer Half Pearls Flower Design (.25) NU
Flower Brads (.10) MU
Assortment of Buttons (red/blue/yellow/brown) (.50) NU
Birthday Hat Adhesive Glitter Embellishments (.25) NU
Studio G Epoxy Brads (.75) NU

Please excuse Bentley's BIG head...

Flower Embellishments (BUY IT ALL FOR $4)
Paper Flowers (red/blue/yellow/brown) (.50) NU
Oversize Paper Flowers (red/blue/brown) (.50) NU
Crochet Flowers (purple/pink/green) (.50) NU
Large Red Flower with Pearl Center (.25) NU
Red and Brown Glitter Flowers (.25) NU
Mulberry Paper Flowers (.50) SU
PaperStudio Spare Parts Paper Flowers (.25) SU
PaperStudio Spare Parts Silk Flowers (.25) SU
Prima Paper Flowers Yellows and Blues ($1) NU

Rub Ons (BUY IT ALL FOR $3)
Free Spirit bird rub on ($1) NU
So Stylish rub on (.75) SU
American Crafts miniMark Accent Book (.75) SU
PaperStudio Sketches Rub On (.50) SU
Making Memories Love Notes Word Rub Ons (.50) SU

Stickers (BUY IT ALL FOR $5)
EK Success Scripture Stickers (.75)
Mustache stickers (.10) MU
Love Betty Gel Stickers (.50) NU
Paper Studio Pastel Glitter Alpha Stickers ($1) NU
(2x) EK Success Teenager Caption (.50 each) NU
Vellum Tropical Fish Stickers (.50) NU
3D Embellished Alpha Stickers ($1) NU
Green/Pink/Blue Alpha Stickers (.10) NU
Jolee's Boutique Stickers (.50) SU 
K&Company Glitter Birds and Flower Die Cut Stickers (.50) SU
Graduation Felt and Metal Stickers (.50) SU
Felt Snowflake 3D Stickers (.50) SU
American Crafts remarks Journaling Sticker Book 2 ($1) SU
American Crafts remarks Journaling Sticker Book 1 (.50) MU
Glittered Green Paisley Stickers ($1) SU
Alphabet Flocked Stickers (.25) SU
Gold Alphabet Stickers (.10) SU
Random Sticker Assortment (.25) MU
Random Assortment of Alphabet Stickers (.25) SU
PaperStudio Alphabet Felt Stickers ($1) SU
5 Border Rolls Stickers ($1.25) SU
Mosaic Sticker Tiles (.25) SU
Mosaic Sticker Tiles Style 6 (.50) NU
Purple Mosaic Tile Stickers (.10) SU

Scrapbook Paper and Kits (BUY IT ALL FOR $20)
Scrapbook Kit ($3) NU
Recollections My Favorite Things 48 Sheet Paper Pad ($4) NU
200 sheets of 12x12 Assorted Paper (.10 each) NU
12x12 Scrapbook Kits (.50 each) NU

Ribbon (BUY IT ALL FOR ($7)

Assorted Ribbon (.10 each) SU
Ribbon Adhesive (.75) SU

Stamps (BUY IT ALL FOR $7) 
Floral rubber stamps ($1) SU
Birthday Stamps (.25) SU
Mail Rubber Stamps ($1) SU
Martha Stewart Heart and Flower Clear Stamps ($2) NU
Wooden Leaf stamp ($1) NU
Antique Key Wood Stamp ($1) SU
Wedding Rubber Stamps (.50) NU
Rubber Hello Friends Stamps (.50) NU
Wooden Bird Stamp ($1) SU

Misc. Craft Supplies (No wholesale here. Sorry!)
6 Embroidery Threads (.10 each) NU
2 Floral Tape ($1 each) NU
3 Packs of Dowel Rods ($1 each) NU
Leaves Border Punch ($2) SU
Lace Border Punch ($2) SU
Ribbon Threader Punch ($1) SU
Paper Embroidery Design Guides ($2) NU
Paper Embroidery Floss ($2) NU
Square and Rectangle Centering Guides ($1) NU
Scrapbook Supplies Holder Red with Buckle ($2) SU
Scrapbook Supplies Holder Pink ($2) SU
4x Zig-Zag Scissors ($1 each) SU
Chipboard Tags (.25) SU
White Feathers (.10) SU
Patch It Up Butterfly Iron On (.10) NU
Yellow Tulle (.10) NU
Multi-Colored Pipe Cleaners (.10) SU
White Ribbon Storage Rack ($7) SU

Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday's Letters

The wreckage

Dear husband, I'm glad you are going to teach me how to make your special spaghetti sauce tonight. You thought my attempt last week was fine, but I was not satisfied. Finally, I will know all the secrets to the best spaghetti sauce ever! Mwahaha! P.S. It really stinks that you have to work all weekend, but thanks for making extra money so we can fill our future home with new furniture. Maybe I'll even let you have a say in what we get...if you are lucky. Just pickin' on ya! Dear Bentley, we are so getting you neutered when we move into the future house. Did you seriously have to pee on my fabric sewing box? Dear Boone Dr. house, we officially made an offer on you this morning! Although we completely expect a counter-offer tomorrow, I really hope we can work something out and get you. I really really really liked you! Dear current craft room/office, I have destroyed you this week. You are no longer my craft room/office. Instead, you have become the "catch-all" room filled with boxes for moving. It doesn't help that I'm slowly sifting through my craft stuff to add to the mess. Guess I'll spend the rest of my Friday trying to tidy you up. Dear weekend, I'm so excited it's going to be in the 70s! Time to get outside and go somewhere. Do I see a pedicure in my near future? Indeed, I do!

Until next time!


Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Hello blog world.

I have been neglecting you and I do apologize. I have no projects to share with you except my latest Project Life pages.

We made our first bid on a HUD home last week. Unfortunately, we were out bid which means more house hunting! After digging through the listings the last couple of days, we've selected three to see tonight. Maybe by the time you see my Friday's Letters posted I'll have news to share...

Until then, here are some pictures of my latest Project Life pages to tide you all over.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear R.J., please quit trying to wear my hoodies. They're too small for you. 

Dear husband, we made our very first offer on a home this week. Woah! Sometimes it is scary to be an adult. BUT, how many 22-year-olds can say they're financially stable enough to buy a house? That's pretty darn cool if you ask me. Dear prospective home, I'm praying we get you. If so, I've already got some plans in my head for you. If we don't, you'll make a great home for someone! Dear Rangers, the pep rall is tonight and your first 10 and under baseball game is tomorrow. GO RANGERS! Dear Bentley, you seem to have learned a new trick. You never cease to amaze us about how smart you are. When you want food in your bowl now, you will walk over to it and flip it over with your paw repeatedly until you demands are met. Let's just hope you don't start doing this to your water bowl when it still has water in it...


Monday, March 4, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Fun


We're currently waiting to hear back from the mortgage broker on official approval. Do you know how nerve wracking that is? Anyway, while I am patiently waiting to hear, I thought I'd share three tutorials with you from some of my fellow talented bloggers.

Seeing as St. Patrick's Day will be upon us in the blink of an eye, all these projects are Irish themed. If you want to know more about these projects, be sure to click on the picture!

First up:
Feeling lucky? St. Patrick's Day lotto gift at
I love this because it's just something cute to brighten someone's day. How original!
 Kudos to  Keri over at shaken together.
Next up:
Man, I wish I knew how to crochet shamrocks. Too cute, right?!
Thanks for the inspiration Julie of Coco and Cocoa.
Last, but not least:
St. Paddys Day 2013 thumb St. Paddys Day Chalkboard Printables
Free St. Paddy's Day printables from Sarah at Alderberry Hill. I just love
a good printable!

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Project Life, Seafoam and Monthly Dividers


I'm happy to announce that over the weekend I was able to get caught up on my Project Life album. A couple weeks ago, I decided to try the Project Life scrapbooking method this year. You can read about that here in case you missed it.

At first, I wanted to attempt to do Project Life just using free printables I found on Pinterest and not invest in any of the actual Project Life kits. I found that to be a mistake. I had decided to do Project Life because its goal was to streamline the scrapbooking process to make it manageable enough for me to keep up with. The end goal is to have this year actually documented, right? By having to print out the freebies and hand cutting them to fit in my photo pockets, I was already getting overwhelmed and behind. It takes a lot of time to cut those suckers out!

In the end, I gave in and shelled out $30 for a kit. Honestly, I do think $30 is a lot for the kit. I thought that when I bought and I still think it now after using it. You do pay for the fact it's pre-cut. However, I will say the quality of the product itself is very good. It's just hard for my psyche to accept paying that much for paper when I know I can go to Hobby Lobby and get four 12x12 sheets for a dollar.

Anyway, I ended up choosing the Seafoam Edition.

I also splurged a little and got a pack of coordinating month dividers for $7.99. On the flip side, I do think these are worth the money. I love organization so to have these in my scrapbook makes me giddy. It also makes it easy to find the section I'm currently working on. Like the Seafoam Edition Core Kit, the month dividers are good quality. 

Here's mine!
Project Life Seafoam Edition Core Kit, Seafoam Monthly Dividers and my 2013 album
Here is what is inside in case you were curious like I would be:
500 3x4 Journaling Cards
40 Bi-fold Journaling Cards
8 First Page Cards
8 Last Page Cards
60 4x6 Title Cards

I've already shown you my title page so I'll give you a peek into my inside pages that I have so far. Enjoy!

Until next time!

P.S. I am purging a lot of my craft supplies before we move again. I will be posting a comprehensive list soon of all my available goodies so be sure to check back!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear husband, I haven't really seen you this week because you've been working so many hours. However, I'm super excited to get see that pay check next week! Dear house, I wish I wasn't so impatient. It is one of my many character flaws. I want to be living in you already. Sigh...Dear February budget, we kicked your bottom last month. Woot woot! Yay for having money. Dear Project Life, I finally gave in and ordered the official Project Life kit. I didn't want to give in and pay $30 for pre-cut and coordinated paper. However, I'm already noticing that I don't have the time it takes to devote to doing you the hard way (hunting up and cutting my own papers). Even though I had to pay for it, I'm really excited to get my kit tomorrow. Oh! That reminds me! I have last week's pictures in the mailbox to go and get. Score! Dear Bentley, you torn up the side of the trash bag to try and get to a chicken bone the other day. You really are as messy as my two-year-olds at work. Unlike them, you don't know how to clean up your mess. Dear Friday, it's so good to see you again. Time for a drink with the hubby!

Until next time!