Sunday, January 19, 2014

Love Bugs Baby Shower

I've been chomping at the bit to share these invitations and precious baby shower with you all! This shower was for two very special twin girls. Even though they are still in the NICU, we celebrated their surprise arrival with their mommy last Saturday.

The shower theme was based after the bedding sets selected by mom - bugs! Lady bugs, caterpillars and butterflies! Oh my!

I created a series of invitations for mom to choose from and here was the winner! These are for sale in my shop. You can purchase the digital file or printed invitations.

The cake was made to match the invitation. How awesome is that?! I cannot tell you how excited I was over this cake. It's just really cool when you see your invitation come to life in another form. 

The next idea I loved was this keepsake invitation. All the shower guests signed the matte and then it was framed! What a great idea, right? It'll be a keepsake that both mom and the girls will treasure, I'm sure.

 As for the food table, my sister-in-law found some adorable painted butterflies and caterpillars at Hobby Lobby. We sprinkled them around the table. 

The gift table was over-flowing with all sorts of goodies for the twins! Check out that little stroller made out of diapers and receiving blankets with the two little bears sitting inside! Too cool, right? I really want to learn how to make those now.

Now, for some quick family history - the mom for our shower is my husband's first cousin. A few years ago, we lost his Aunt Sharon. Even though she couldn't be there to celebrate the new life of her twin granddaughters, the shower hostesses found a special way to include her by displaying her picture, some flowers and a memorial candle on a small table by mom's chair.

The bulk of my business is baby shower invitations. It isn't uncommon for customers to request that I add on information about a diaper raffle to their invitation. That said, I knew what it was, but had never actually seen one at a baby shower. Seriously, a diaper raffle is a stroke of genius! Whenever we have children, I am so doing a diaper raffle.

I made rag quilts for both girls. I hope to post a tutorial on these soon. They are pretty easy to make. I want to make myself one now!

Are you planning your own love bug themed baby shower? Enjoy these FREE favor tags!

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