Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear husband, it's the second week in a row I've been missing you. I know this is your busiest time of year at work, but I need some us time! Our anniversary trip cannot get here soon enough. Dear anniversary trip, you are officially booked! Biloxi and Destin here we come. These next nine weeks are going to be torture as I try to wait patiently for you. Along the same accord, anyone interested in puppy sitting my two adorable fur babies? Dear Bella, you have completed your first full week of potty training. You are doing pretty good so far. I'll definitely admit you (so far) have been easier to potty train than Bentley was. Dear Bentley, I'm sorry you had to get your man surgery on Monday. You've been a trooper though! The next day you were back to your normal antics. Dear work, I really enjoyed having this past week off. I had no idea how sleep-deprived I had become. Can't we just have next week off too? Dear PaperLark Studio, I'm one step closer to getting you official. You now have a federal tax ID number. Next step - business license. Dear family and friends, please keep myself and PaperLark Studio in your prayers as I work towards this next goal for my business.

Until next time!


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