Monday, October 29, 2012

Organization October: Under the sink

If you are anything like me, you hate that space under your sink. It's full of cleaning supplies which are strewn everywhere. My dish washing detergent also has a home under the sink because the cabinet is conveniently located next to the dishwasher. I'm always having to fumble or dig through the mess to get to the detergent packets.  

My organizational weapon of choice to attack this mess? An Under-the-sink organizer shelf which Bentley is modeling for us here:

I bought this expandable under-the-sink shelf. We have a pretty large space under our sink and I had a nice accumulation of cleaning products, dish detergent and trash bags that needed a home. 

The expandable shelf worked best for me because it allowed room for all this stuff and it fit nicely under the sink. 

I grouped all the trash bags and cleaning supplies together to put them on the shelf - putting the dish detergent packets and cleaning spray on the top shelf. Why? Easiest and quickest way to reach what I use most often. 

The finished product? An organized cleaning cabinet that is functional and easily accessible. No more digging!

See you Wednesday for a little post about our day-cation to the Georgia mountains!


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