Sunday, January 6, 2013

Friday's Letters

Bentley's new haircut!

Dear husband, I am so proud of you for passing the written portion of your CDL test. The hardest part is down! You got this. Dear Bentley, I want to apologize for the last two days of torture you have had to endure. You went to the vet and got your annual shots like a champ! We won't tell anyone you scurried to your fur daddy with your tail between your legs after you got that last big, stinging shot. The vet even complimented you on what a mild-mannered and well-behaved pooch you were (HA!) You may have fooled the vet, but you showed your true colors at the groomer yesterday where you got a bad grade on your behavior report card for being (and I quote) "a stinker." She can't trim your ears straight when you are jerking around! We will try again next time, okay? Dear work, those back-to-back 11 hours shifts are killer. Let's not do that again, alright? Also, I'm mad at you. I was completely healed from my last go-around of pre-holiday illness you gave me when I went back. Only three days back at work and I woke up with a congested head. Really? REALLY? Dear 2013, you have been good to me thus far. I think I might like you. We should keep this going. Dear PaperLark, I am in love with you. You're already giving me sales and I have big plans for you this year. I can't wait to share them with the blog world! Dear Hepatitis C, I just wanted you to know that my mom will be kicking your butt. She just started her treatment and it's on like Donkey Kong now. You should be afraid. VERY AFRAID!

Until next time!

Bentley's bad report card

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