Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday's Letters

Bentley under the computer desk distracting his momma. How can you ignore that face?! 

Dear Husband, I envy your ability to go with the flow. I wish I was more like you and not such a control freak. This appraisal thing is about to drive me nuts. On the bright side, we've got some fun money left over this week. Wanna go on a hot date tonight with me? Dear Bentley, I have come to the conclusion that you do not remember your first spring. You have loved the new weather so much. You are so stinkin' adorable when you are chasing the shadows of the butterflies. However, I don't know why you eat every dandelion in sight. They are fuzzy and I can't imagine they taste very good. Dear boxes both packed and unpacked, you are stressing me out. As a person who likes order, you are completely throwing me off! Not to mention, you take up a lot of space when I don't have that much to begin with. Dear PaperLark Studio, I am SO excited! We've got our first official advertisement up on a blog! Ahhh! Dear Friends, you should all go now and look for our ad on the sidebar (and click it of course!).

Until next time,


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