Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Growing Pains


It's been a painful week thus far.

We are painfully waiting for the appraisal on the house to come back. We were hoping to have it back within our 10 day "due diligence" period. In our contract with the bank, we agreed to pay the difference if the house appraised under our agreed sale price. However, the appraisal company did not make our 10 day deadline which would have allowed us to pull out with our earnest money in hand. Therefore, I cannot stress how pertinent it is the appraisal come back equal to or more than our sale price.

However, you can be assured that the journalist in me did ALL her research before letting that due diligence period expire. If we were not confident it would appraise, we would have pulled out yesterday. I found all public records on the property as well as an appraisal from last year which was well above our sale price. It is good to know my journalism degree isn't going to waste!

That said, please continue to pray for R.J. and I as we jump this last hurdle to getting our almost-dream home.

The other painful part of my week was my fault. On Monday, I tried to saw my finger off with a kitchen knife. Holy cow, did it hurt! I even cut through my fingernail. At least, when I do something, I don't do it half way. That's all I got to say.

Hopefully, my extremities will be spared any more knife accidents and we get through the rest of this week pain free!

Until next time,

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