Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday's Letters

Making messes with brother

Dear husband, thank you for bringing me home cold medicine on a daily basis this week. And, I'm sorry about the nasty nose-blowing sagas you had to endure. You're a good man, Ronald Jefferson. Dear furbabies, you two make excellent napping buddies. I know ya'll enjoyed the quality time we spent together on the couch being sickly this week. Dear sickness, I don't whether you are a cold or a round of mysterious daycare-itius. You stole my voice for two days. Being a near-mute is extremely difficult and frustrating. Dear little nephew, you are going to have an awesome baby shower. Even though you'll be there in utero, I almost wish you were here in person to see the awesomeness. We're going to have a banana split bar. How is that not awesome?! Dear blog, can I just say that I'm really impressed with how well I kept up with you this week despite my mystery illness? I'm kinda feeling like a beast now.

See ya later!

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