Monday, October 28, 2013

Scrapbooking Vacations with Project Life

When I first wrote on this blog about Project Life, I expressed concerned over how you'd document vacations and incorporate them into the album. If you are scrapbooking week-by-week like I have this past year, it can be a challenge to squeeze those vacation pictures into your album. Why? First, you typically take more pictures on vacation than you would in a normal week - at least, I know I do. Second, vacations are special. They should be a little special and set apart from your usual pages. 

Now that I have scrapbooked two vacations using Project Life successfully, I'd like to share them with you and show you how I made them stand out from the rest of my 2013 album. 

Our vacation to New Orleans fell right in the middle of my album so I used a 12x12 picture to serve as my title page for my vacation layout as seen above. I used rub-on letters to put New Orleans at the top.

For my vacation spreads, I like to use a different core kit. For my normal week-to-week layouts, I use the Seafoam Core Kit, but to make my vacation spreads stand out I use the Olive Core Kit.

In my normal week-to-week layouts, I use Design A pocket pages. However, with my vacation spreads, I like to use pocket pages that allow for more pictures mixed in with my always-faithful Design A pocket pages. In addition to Design A pages, I used We R Memory Keepers pocket pages.

One last note on scrapbooking our vacation to New Orleans using Project Life - I used the Project Life Envelope Pages to store momentos like our hotel key card and brochures. 

I'll be honest that I'm not very pleased with the envelopes. They are made of sturdy, hard plastic which you think would be a good thing. However, their lack of flexibility around the D-rings makes flipping through the album kind of tricky. The envelopes like to catch on the rings and causing them to pop open easily. I haven't tried any other brand of pocket envelopes so maybe they'll behave better. 

Biloxi/Destin Spread 1

As for our anniversary trip to Biloxi and Destin, I dug into my Olive Core Kit once again. One of the wonderful things about both the Seafoam and Olive Core Kits is they have 4x6 cards are pre-folded in half to allow for more journaling. If you take a glance at my pages, you'll notice they are more picture heavy than writing heavy because I used those folding journaling cards. 

Biloxi/Destin Spread 2
The last thing I'd like to note about scrapbooking vacations with Project Life is how I incorporated maps and brochures into our Biloxi/Destin spread. In Biloxi/Destin Spread 1 above, I used a roulette instruction card in one of my 3x4 slots. Though it isn't pictured here, I have a poker chip slid into the 3x4 slot to the left of the roulette card. In my Biloxi/Destin Spread 2, I used a map of the Destin/Fort Walton area.
Of course, there are a slew of different ways to document your vacation using Project Life. If you are looking for some more inspiration or another way to incorporate your vacation into Project Life, be sure to check out some of these posts I found helpful:

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Some PLers take it with them. Here's a great tutorial on how and what to pack!
For more Project Life inspiration, be sure to follow my Pinterest board - The Project Life. Also, be sure to follow our blog:

In January 2014, I am starting a comprehensive, weekly series on Project Life. What kind of posts can you expect to see?

  • Setting Up Your Album
  • How to Build a Successful Page
  • Everything Pictures: Phone v. Camera
  • Project Life Habit: How to Keep It Up
  • Going Beyond the Core Kit
  • Pinterest, Project Life and Printables
  • Best Project Life Apps
  • Digital Project Life
That just names a few of the informative topics I will be covering throughout the series. It'll be a wonderful crash course for beginners and hopefully, have something for seasoned Project Lifers as well. 

How do you incorporate your vacations into Project Life?


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