Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear almost husband, I missed you this week. Even though working two jobs sucks, I love you for doing it. You also don't complain about it which makes me love you even more. Thirty-six days cannot pass quick enough. You've more than earned a week-long honeymoon. Dear water bottles, I hate you right now. It's so hard to peel off your super-sticky labels and then stick on the new label straight. I may not hate you as much if there was only one of you. Instead, there are 50 of you and it looks like I need to order 50 more labels. Dear Bentley, thank you for trying to help me with the water bottles. You are beyond cute with pieces of the label stuck in your beard! Dear tomorrow, I cannot wait for you! I'm looking so forward to going to the Swan Coach House tomorrow for a luncheon honoring my lovely bridesmaids.

Love Always,

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