Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday's Letters

L to R: Sister, Mom and Me in Ellijay!

Dear husband, thank you so much for pressuring washing the house while I was out of town last weekend. It look so much better! We need to sit down and pick a date for the house warming party, huh? Dear Bentley, you love your new house. Instead of tinkling to mark your new territory, you kick your back feet out like a chicken on the carpet. I really do appreciate that. Thank you for keeping your tee-tee to yourself and your backyard. Dear apartment, we turned in your keys today. I think I practically threw them at our landlord and ran out. Frankly, you were a crap hole, but you allowed us to save up enough money to buy my beautiful new home in a short amount of time. For that, I am grateful. Dear Ellijay, you were wonderful last weekend. I've been wishing I was back all week long. It was so great to have a mini-vacation with my family (especially since I missed it last year). I'm so thankful my mother was feeling good enough to go! I love her, my dad and my sister so much. Dear Hailey, I'm so pumped for your graduation this Saturday! R.J. and I are so proud of you. Honestly, I can't believe you are graduating. It only seems like yesterday we were driving to Chick-fil-a in that big red truck to get some lunch at Eluminatus. CONGRATULATIONS! And I can't wait to come to your college graduation. ;)

Until next time!


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