Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Mom and dad walking me down the aisle

Growing up, I always thought my mother was invincible. She was (and still is) the closet thing I know to a real superhero. Her kisses had super powers that magically made boo boos disappear. Without fail, she knew where my toys or clothes were when I couldn't find them. She cleaned the house and whipped up dinner every day at lightning speed. She always knew (and also still knows) when you needed her even if you didn't say a word.

She also never seemed to get sick.

I got married on a Saturday in September of last year. The Wednesday before my wedding day, my mother was diagnosed with Hepatitis C.  Being the superhero that she is, she kept this from my family until Sunday when she finally told my dad. At first, it really bothered me that she harbored this secret alone for five days. However, it is a testament to who my mother is. She wanted my wedding week to be about me and R.J. She always has put her family and their happiness above herself.

After returning from our honeymoon, my mother shared the news with R.J., my sister and myself. She explained the disease and what lay ahead. Her doctors suggested she had probably contracted the virus when she had me way back in the day. I was born via C-section and she received blood. The virus had lay dormant in her body for 20+ years and may have been spurred on by the hormonal changes in her body.

To be honest, for the first few months after hearing the news, I felt incredibly guilty - feeling like I was the reason she had this virus. However, I know my mom does not regret having me and would not change a thing. It is a price she was and is more than willing to pay for me.

A mother's love is something truly inexplicable. Because I have no children of my own yet, I cannot fully grasp it, but it never ceases to amaze me. It is perhaps the single most purest form of unconditional love we witness on this side of heaven.

Through the ups and downs of her chemo treatments to fight the virus, I have been constantly reminded how amazing and strong my mother is. Lord knows, I get my strong will and perseverance for what is right from her. While I appreciated and loved my mom dearly before this trial, it has served as a constant reminder of how much I love her.

When I do have children, they will definitely have the coolest grandmother and best role model on the planet.

Happy Mother's Day Mom! You are my everything.


Miranda, Myna and Madeline

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