Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday's Letters

Bella modeling our new mailbox!

Dear husband, your All Stars baseball team is playing this weekend in the sub-state tournament. Good luck! As much as I love watching you coach, I'm ready for this two month break. You come home from work, eat really fast and then have to leave for practice. I miss you. That said, enjoy your last few games! Dear Bentley, you've decided you are the same size as Bella. Although you only weigh a whopping 10 pounds, it is still kind of hard to breathe when you lay up on my chest (and face) like Bella. Dear Bella, you are teething. This means instead of being an adorable seven week old puppy you have decided you are an alligator. You've also decided that you like to bite noses. No puppy kisses for you until you get those teeth in Jaws! Dear house warming party, your invitations are out and I'm steadily getting RSVPs! Mom and I are have a planning session for you tomorrow and she's already come up some wonderful ideas. I need to step it up! Dear house, R.J. and I are waiting for a day that it isn't scorching outside so we can get your yard work done for the party. Also, to the weeds in my flower beds, would you please die already?

Until next time!

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