Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Wall Mirror Turned Chalkboard


My first DIY project post-move is complete!

I have had a full-body wall mirror since I was in high school. Originally, it was screwed into the door of my parents' old home. When we moved my senior year of high school, my dad yanked it out of the door for me. Ever since, it has traveled all over the great state of Georgia where ever I called home at the time. Through the several moves, the frame around the mirror had gotten pretty beat up. However, it wasn't anything my hot glue gun couldn't fix!

With a can of chalkboard spray paint, I converted my old mirror into a full size chalkboard for our kitchen complete with a weekly menu and grocery list.

The idea actually came from my in-laws. In their kitchen, they have a chalkboard where important events and milestones like birthdays, anniversaries or graduations are written for the month. I've always loved the idea of the "birthday board" as we called it. Every July, I love seeing my name in big, chalky letters for my birthday.

With a $4 can of chalkboard spray paint, I applied two coats to the mirror and let it dry for a full 24 hours. Bella and I had somewhat of a mishap during the painting process though. While I was spraying the second coat, she decided to run full blast between my legs and onto the mirror which was laying outside on the ground...Needless to say, she went sliding across the wet paint on all fours and her behind.

As a result, Bella got her first bath. Thankfully, I was able to get the black spray paint out of her fur. However, she still has four black chalkboard paws.

She cried and squealed the whole time, panicking like I was drowning her. After undergoing some intense scrubbing, she was scooped out of the kitchen sink by her daddy who wrapped her up in a towel and snuggled with her on the couch.

Even though you can still see a couple paw prints if you look closely, I think my chalkboard mirror turned out great! You can't beat a project that only cost you $4! After the spray paint dried, I hot glued a sturdy ribbon on the back so I could hang it on my hook. I'm planning on buying some Command strips though to secure it a little more on the door.

Until next time!

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