Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear husband, thank you for stepping up to the plate with cooking and chores this week. You even made a menu for next week before we went grocery shopping! That's so adorable. Dear new job, I'm so happy that I love you. Even though blowing noses and kissing boo boos was not my dream job, God has placed me where He wants me to be. Of this, I am certain. Dear November, can you hurry up? I'm really ready for Christmas! Sorry Thanksgiving. No hard feelings, right? Dear Bentley, you were so stinkin' cute in your jailbird Halloween costume even though you ran around the like an escaped convict trying to get it off. No matter how cute you are, we've seriously gotta work on your bedtime issues. I know we're going to be earlier, but you can't keep fur mommy and fur daddy up barking to get out EVERY night. Dear new business cards, I love you! You make me feel so official and professional and I can't wait to hand you out! Dear 6 a.m., you are the only thing about my job that I don't like. Why do you always have to come in the middle of a good dream? We need to work on that, okay?



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