Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday's Letters

Bella playing peek-a-boo!

Dear husband, our one year anniversary is creeping up so fast! Can you believe we've already been married almost a year?! Woahhh...Dear blog, I still can't get over how popular our "How To Buy a House in Your 20s" series has been. In the month of August so far, we've had more than 110,000+ blog hits from that series alone! How humbling is that? It's opened up some doors that I'm eager to share with our readers once everything comes into fruition. Dear buffalo chicken sliders, I think you really impressed Nana. We just might make it into the next cookbook after all! Mwahaha! Dear PaperLark, once again, you had another great week. Not to mention, I've got new business cards, a t-shirt with the logo and car magnets. That's pretty legit right there ya'll! If you are in the metro Atlanta area, be on the look out for a black Scion covered in my logo. Ha! Dear Bentley and Bella, you two are getting your Christmas early this year! On Sunday, we are going to start building a fence in the backyard! You lucky dogs

See later alligator!

In case you missed anything this week...

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