Monday, September 16, 2013

Increase Curb Appeal By Spray Painting Your Shutters

Like I've said before, the outside of our house was in need of a little TLC when we bought it...clearly.

Notice the missing shutter? Yeah...Thankfully, I found it buried under some pine straw on the side of the house. After cleaning the gutters and pressure washing the vinyl siding until it looked new again, the shutters were looking very sun-worn. 

I looked up the price for new green shutters. It was a little more than $50 for a pack of two. Are you kidding me?! To buy new shutters, we'd have to fork over $200. I wanted pretty, new shutters, but not for $200!

I was complaining to my mom about paying for new shutters when she suggested I spray paint the old ones. Talk about a DUH moment. 

I can't tell you how easy this project was and how much better it makes our home look. Not to mention, the whole project only cost $37.52 which is a darn far cry from $200. 

I think they turned out pretty good if I do say so myself!

What You Need (for 8 shutters)
6 cans of exterior spray paint 
2 packs of shutter pins (found on aisle with shutters)

Step One. Shimmy up on that ladder and pull those babies off the house. You may need the backside of the hammer to wiggle the stubborn shutter pins. 

A Word to the Wise: Check under and around your shutters for any stinging, flying insect nests. Otherwise, you'll get a nasty and painful surprise. 

Step Two. Wipe down your shutters really well with a washcloth. We don't want to waste spray paint on cobwebs! Let them dry. I lined mine up on some trees in the back yard.

Shutter halfway painted with the first coat. See the difference already?
Step Three. Spray paint time! I did two coats on each shutter. Leave them overnight to dry really well. 

Step Four. Time to hang them up. Get back on the ladder and follow the instructions on the shutter pin package to hang them up. In all honesty, you just have to shove/push/hammer in the pins. Easy!

My half naked house. Shutters on the right already done!

Once you get them all up, you've got updated shutters and enhanced your curb appeal for UNDER $40!

What are some ways you enhanced your home's curb appeal?


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