Monday, September 2, 2013

Blog Redesign

Happy Labor Day!

I wanted to pop in for a quick minute and introduce you to my blog redesign! Looks a lot better, huh? R.J. and I are closing in on our one year anniversary (Sept. 8 to be exact) which means my humble, little blog has been alive and thriving for just over a year now.

In this year, my blog has grown and taken off a lot more than I honestly expected it to. With that growth, I figured I need a more professional and clean looking blog design. I've got some big plans for this blog so its design needs to fit those BIG expectations, right?

What's new?

  • New template - my blog redesign was created by AngieMakesWebsites. It was super easy to install and she provides some excellent tutorials to walk you through it all!
  • New About Me - I sharpened up on my Photoshop skills for this one.
  • Pin Button on ALL pictures - Instead of having to copy my link and pinning it onto Pinterest yourself, I've made it easy to pin by just putting your mouse over the picture. Try it out!
  • Instagram Slideshow - See all my latest Instagram pictures while you read the blog. Boy, I love fancy gadgets like that. 
  • Search Bar - Instead of hunting through archives, just type your keyword in that handy bar on the side bar.
  • Follow Me Buttons - Before, I only three buttons. Now, I've got one for each of my social media sites for easy access.
  • Most Popular Posts - Are you a new reader? Be sure to check out my most popular posts conveniently located on the side bar as well. 
Woosh. I've been a busy girl. Hopefully, this layout and design will be a lot easier for you to navigate. I'm kind of in love with it myself. 

See ya tomorrow!

P.S. I've got a super cute tutorial coming your way tomorrow!

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